Heralding Birds

Bird illustrations by Sylke Angenent

Golden Pheasant

This poster of the Golden Pheasant was created digitally in 2022. Display this print in your home or office to bring a touch of natural splendor and inspiring charm to your surroundings. Are you interested in getting a print? Click here to go to my Etsy shop!

A vibrant vector illustration of a majestic Golden Pheasant perched on a tree branch. The pheasant's brilliant plumage displays a stunning combination of deep gold, fiery red, and emerald green, creating a striking contrast against a lush, leafy background. This artwork captures the exquisite beauty of the golden pheasant, making it an eye-catching piece that can be purchased in print.
Did you know?

1. The golden pheasant, also known as the Chinese pheasant, belongs to the family Phasianidae, which includes various species of pheasants and peafowl. 2. The golden pheasant is a bird with stunning colors. The male has a golden crest on its head and bright feathers in shades of orange, red, and gold. Its long tail feathers are black and yellow. 3. Golden pheasants are native to the mountainous regions of Western China. They inhabit dense forests and areas with lots of plants. 4. Golden pheasants are omnivorous and primarily feed on a diet consisting of seeds, grains, berries, and insects. They forage on the forest floor and use their strong beaks to dig for food. 5. Golden pheasants have an interesting way of showing off. When they want to look cool or impress others, they shake their tail feathers in an exaggerated way, like they're doing a little dance. Their funny moves make them even more special and unique in the bird world!