Heralding Birds

Bird illustrations by Sylke Angenent

Atlantic Puffin

This poster of the Atlantic puffin was created in 2022. Also known as 'sea-parrots' these birds have a remarkable appearance. Are you interested in getting a print? Click here to go to my Etsy shop!

Atlantic Puffin: A colourful coastal bird. Poster for sale
Did you know?

1. Atlantic Puffins are known for their distinctive appearance, with black and white feathers, bright orange legs and colourful beaks. 2. They are excellent divers and can plunge into the water from heights up until 60 meters. 3. During the spring and summer, thousands of puffins gather on the coasts and islands of the North Atlantic Ocean to breed. Usually they pair up with the same partner as previous years! 4. A puffin's beak changes colour over the course of a year. In winter, it is a dull gray, while in spring it becomes bright orange. 5. Puffins have remarkable hunting skills. They primarily live off small fish which they catch by diving underwater, and they can carry multiple fish at once, held in their beaks lengthwise.