Heralding Birds

Bird illustrations by Sylke Angenent

African Pygmy Falcon

This print of the African Pygmy Falcon was created in 2018 using graphite on paper. Are you interested in getting a print? Click here to go to my Etsy shop!

Captivating Hand-drawn Illustration of a Pygmy Falcon | A Tiny Falcon Species with Striking Plumage
Did you know?

1. The African Pygmy Falcon is the smallest bird of prey in Africa. 2. Pygmy falcons often use empty nest of other species to lay their eggs. 3. The males and females look distinctly different from each other. The females have chesnut brown backs, while the males have a gray back. 4. The African Pygmy has a wingspan of 37 centimeters, and a total body length of 20 centimeters on average. 5. There have been reports that Pygmy Falcons in South Africa sometimes mimic calls of Sociable Weavers.